Wednesday, September 28, 2011

New Painting "Vintage"

"Vintage. I finished this last week. 24x30 inches. 2011

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Antique Wind-Up Whiskey Bunny

A few years ago i was browsing around a NYC flea market spot on 6th Ave on a Saturday afternoon. There was this antique toy dealer there and the only thing that caught my eye instantly was this wacky wind-up bunny. When he was wound up, his tail would spin like crazy and he would pour his bottle into his shot glass and swig the glass like a shot of whiskey. I had to have him!
BUT. He was $120. So unfortunately i passed. Upon returning home i ran right to ebay to see if there was another around and guess what? $15 and NO bid and it was up that same day. Fuck yehh!!
Of course i got him. I inspected for any maker markings but i couldn't find any. But Ive had him in my prized curio cabinet since and every now and then i'll have him do a shot for me since i no longer drink. I love him.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Star Wars Studio Scale Snow Speeder DONE!!!!

After a month about of work every night, I finally got her done. his enormous beauty of a resin kit from Steve Neisen/Mike Salzo is fully complete.
The last step included a dirty wash of brown and black, then cleaned up and left the wash in the nooks and crannys and in between every panel line.

Carbon blast scoring and dirt and streaks were made my pastels i grounded up and some MIG Production Pigments applied with q-tip and paint brushes. Then to seal it I used TESTORS Dullcote Laquer from the bottle with laquer thinner through my Badger Velocity Airbrush at only 15 PSI to not disturb the pastel streaks.