Wednesday, November 27, 2013

20 Shot Pinfire Lefaucheux Revolver

My antique LEFAUCHEUX 20 shot 7mm pinfire revolver. One of the rarest of all the Civil War firearms to get. The serial number on this gun is in the exact range of being shipped to the military during the Civil War 1860s. These were used imported from France to the Confederate and Union.


  1. Can you transmit my the LF number please

    The patent for this type of 20 shot revolver has been taken in february 1865 ....or the civil war was already over by that time I think ??

    See also at :

    Greetings form Lefaucheux

    1. Civil War ended in May of 1865. Lee surrendered the Army of Northern Virginia in April 1865; the last Confederate forces surrendered on May 10, 1865.