Monday, November 4, 2013

Space Oddity Study Drawing

Detailed drawing of the "Space Oddity" Painting. 12 x 14 inches graphite on thick cold pressed board.


  1. I am not an artist by any means,but BY ALL MEANS I appreciate talent like the gift(s) you have,John John.I am not trying to sit here and swing off yer nuts my boy,but really-I SAID GOD DAMN!-the crossover style in your work is more amazing than the crossover style in your music.This is not easy for me to tell anyone because I myself am a 20 year veteran of the Punk Rock/Hardcore scene and a true believer that finding this music along w/all the characters I've spent time w/over the years saved my life.Anyhoo,super great painting!I am always jazzed to see a new piece of greatness.If yer ever in CA (Hope this doesn't sound hells creepy)hit me up and I will buy ya a cup of joe and maybe we could talk some shiznet about the fuct state of the world.Okay-sorry for turning a comment into a fucking novel.Stay up,John John!....Adam Byrd (661)364-7544.....AxCxAxBx

  2. hey adam! thanks for the cool words. it is always nice to meet other veterens of the punk/hc scene like myself. -john john find me on FB