Saturday, August 13, 2011

Just A Little Antique Pepperbox Pistol

This is one of my favorites. `One of the cutest little pistols i have ever seen with it's cartoonish appearance, a chamber that doubles as the! More like a little gun for a small child or pet.
I picked this up almost a year ago and the best thing about antique firearms is that there is no FFL transfer required if it is manufactured before 1899, functional or not. It can ship straight to your door. Nice!

Its is chambered for 7mm Pinfire ammo (which sucks because the ammunition is long obsolete and this particular one's barrels are clean and free of pitting). This specimen is in fully functional shape and it's folding trigger still has plenty of spring action.

The little guy is either Belgian or English made by its crown proof markings and were known to sometimes accidentally fire all it's rounds at once. Super low in accuaracy you'd have to stand within a few feet of someone or thing to hit it. I recall reading that these were being made around the 1830's-1850's and it has a barrel of ONLY 1 3/4 inches with its overall length of  barely over 4 inches.


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  2. Nice 'lil blaster ya got there John-John! Bummer on no ammo available. Someone's gotta have some rounds somewhere! Gun show would probably be your best bet. Cheers!