Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Some Baby Taxidermy

Those who know me well i have a pretty decent amount of old antique, vintage taxidermy around my house mounted on walls in curio cabinets and on tables. But, some of my favorite ones ever are these few super small baby ones. They get extra points for super cuteness and fascination level even with their tiny size.
I normally never buy much from that Soho "taxidermy" boutique Evolution in New York City. Its over priced and usually only carry the usual fare generic creatures. BUT a couple of years ago i popped in and i couldn't believe my eyes. It had to be mine. I love Boston Terriers and my Boston, Bela Lugosi is my best friend ever.
At less than 5 inches long, this cutie specimen is  freeze dried (so it actually wouldn't be considered taxidermy) and was a still born. Super cute!

The actual size of the tiny chameleon inside its fitted little jar is just over an inch long. This was a present given to me a few years ago by friend and painter Rachel Bess from Arizona. http://www.rachelbess.com/ She also made its mount out of brass and metal as a brooch but it resides proudly in my prized possesion curio cabinet.

I got this puny Pepe LePew online last year...I've been lookin for one for years and had little luck. There are plenty of  adult specimens to get but for some reason a baby one is pretty rare. A full on score on ebay for like 30 bucks!!! Fuck Yehh!
Finally The BABY BUNNY

Ok this one is another freeze dried puff ball from Evolution. I suppose its one of the few places i hit everytime I'm in New York City because it is directly across the street from my gallery representation, Opera Gallery.
I couldn't resist nor could you...All fat and round and puffed up...c'mon you'd buy him too! He stand just over 4 inches tall.