Friday, August 12, 2011

Studio Scale Star Wars Trench Run

So I've been building this project for months, gather tiles from different garage resin kit makers and getting more tiles of the Death Star surface when i had more spare money here and there. I worked on it in between the Tie Fighter, X-Wing and finally the Y-Wing project.

Studio scale is basically the exact size of the studio models used by ILM for the original Star Wars Trilogy. The garage kit makers use the same donor model parts from Tamiya race cars, tanks, planes, etc that the original model makers used in making the movies. So almost perfect accuarcy is the key. After someone who's soo obsessed like myself gets their hands on the pretty rare kits, It's our job to build, paint, weather and light the kits as per filming model reference pics. I LOVE IT!
It's like making all our childhood dreams come true!

The base is constructed of 2 pieces of Birch panel at 3/4 inch painted satin black enamel and the rear and sides are stained in dark walnut Minwax. Constructed it measures 17" H  x 31" L. With the fighters nose and tails trailing out the front and rear add another 4 inches to each side.
When i had it al together and thought i had enough of the different resin Death Star tiles, i didn't. i ha d a bunch of missing areas. OH NOOOO! I didn't feel like waiting to get more shipped and I had already invested soo much money into the ones i had already , I then decided to scratch build some.

I used various pieces of 1/2", 3/4" balsa wood pieces i cut with a mini saw. and other thin balsa wood and styrene strips that i cut and placed around to resemble the other tiles. Painted them up, Dry-brushed them in bolt gun acrylic spayed a flat clear and that was done.
I added 4 white LEDs just bring it to life a little, attached the ships with various brass tubes inserted into each other for strength (some of these models weigh more than 5 pounds!) ...routed the wiring from the fighter underneath the base and plugged their 9Volt plugs into a powerstrip and we are DONE!

Just staring at this a week after it's completion still blows me away.

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