Sunday, August 14, 2011

Some Other Star Wars Machinery Kits

The AT-ST...
This one was always one of my favorites when i was little. Like other kids we called it the "chicken-walker". It was seen on the Battle of Hoth where the Snowspeeders fought the AT-ATs (OK! Elephant-walkers!!!!) and also at the Battle of Endor with the Ewoks.
This studio scale kit is from Nice N' Models and is pretty rare. And is pretty damn accurate to the stop motion studio model. You can't find kits like these in any stores but thankfully to prop forums and the internet i managed to locate alot of the creators of these gorgeous resin garage kits.

I had to add extra brass pins and epoxy to hold the legs in place as the head is soo top heavy and wanted to droop. We cannot have a moping AT-ST now can we? Not for the prices these go, hell no!
Anyways I painted this with Plasikote rattle can primer in white and it's base color was Vallejo Pale Grey Blue through an airbrush. I applied a dirty brown and black wash, cleaned that up , applied a small coat of Testors Dullcote Laquer between steps and then applied the drips and smokey carbon stains with sanded down pastels. The rust i used was done with rubbing alcohol dabbed on certain areas and then sprinkling on some Rust Pigments by MIG. Another few coats of Dullcote and we're done!

The Probe Droid (Probot)...
And you thought a Probot was that band Dave Grohl is in with all his favorite metal gods. HA HA!
I got this kit many months ago online through a forum and of course i didn't start building it till mo nths later not knowing a really impirtant section was missing. the ENTIRE bottom plate where the arms all attach to...AAAAAARGHHHHHH!!!!!!

By this pont its a little late to bitch someone out so rising to the occasion i whipped up a make believe bottom area out of stereo jacks, brass tubing in various widhs and RC silicone fuel line. I also had to scratch build these gun things too where i attached that fuel line.
So now we have a very non screen accurate Probot but we can file this under "What IF" ir possible "Concept Probe Droid." OK enough of that. It still came out sweet so fuck anyone who hates it!

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